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The online marketplace for the food industry.

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Selling on Food Traders

An entire industry, under the one roof.

Selling online. Easy.

You can take in store payments, cash on delivery or anything in between. With online payments via PayPal, you're guaranteed the funds have been secured when you receive the order.

Online orders are instantly sent to your Internet enabled smart phone, tablet, laptop or general purpose computer.

You can offer pickup, delivery or both. Set the minimum order amount for a delivery, the delivery fees as well as free delivery thresholds.

Sell anything, any way you want.

Products can be sold fixed price, such as a can of tomatoes, per weight, such as mince meat $14/kg or random weight.

Random weight is our unique benefit, customers commit to a maximum weight, when you weigh the final amount, the customer is charged the exact amount. No waste or loss for you or your customer.

Advertising a price isn't even required, we support call for pricing too.

Your customers will love your convenience.

Whether your customers are doing their grocery shopping or they're another business purchasing - Food Traders will make this process quicker and more convenient for them.

You can differentiate with prepacked orders or delivery along with 24/7 online ordering. Listing your clearance products or specials as well as new lines, all your information is at their fingertips.

Get your products on their weekly shopping list.

In store advertising is great to remind people of your sales, but with many shoppers using a prewritten shopping list, you're guaranteed better success when you're already on that list.

When you add a new product or special your customers will be notified that very night. This lets you market new products, save tonnes of money on letterbox or in store marketing and enables the customer to plan their buying habits around the products you want sold.

Potential customers are emailed too, attracting more sales.

We couldn't have made this any easier.

Food Traders has been engineered with speed & simplicity at its heart.

We've built a product that is designed specifically for the food industry. Our custom design ensures everything makes sense without compromise.

We could write a book on the optimisations we've made to ensure we offer a hassle free, first class experience.

Watch a video on adding a simple product.

Speed & Simplicity.

Being speedy means you do minimal work to complete a task, whether it's adding a product or updating an order. Even our page load times are the fastest in the industry.

We've made this product basic, obvious and easy to understand. Help articles describe features in more details and every error message has our support number.

We understand your time is precious, call us on 0433 410 644.

We can answer your questions, get you started and add a few of your products. No strings attached*.

Delivering more sales, not more headaches.

A challenge any business may face is a sudden uptake in orders, and being unable to fulfill them.

You can restrict the number of products sold per person per day, as well as the number of products in stock.

Your customer enquiries will be asking for more products, not asking where their order is.

Precincts stand united.

A market, shopping center or group of businesses have complementing products. A single location where a buyer can find everything they need.

Joining a precinct on Food Traders lets shoppers shop all businesses in a particular location. This business comradery enables buyers to conveniently shop at many shops with prepacked orders, support their local and buy everything they need.

It's easier than you think...

It's easy to have a single product with various quantities and various pricing. For example you can sell a single can for one price and 100 cans for another - driving more sales from both small and large customers alike.

We have plenty more shortcuts too, products can be easily duplicated and we have quick edit links all over the place.

Give us a call now on 0433 410 644.

...and it's risk free too.

You can choose to set the minimum order for delivery along with delivery fees, or just offer pickup. If you only want to sell in large quantities, it's easy to set a minimum buy.

We support you the entire time, and encourage you to call phone support for quick questions.

We strongly believe you'll love our product, so much so, we offer this with no contract.

* Seriously, no strings attached.