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Forager Foods

Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Snacks, no Nonsense.
Address95 Montana Rd, Red Hills, Tas, 7304, Australia
Phone03 6362 3989
Mobile0418 138 539

About Us

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Forager fruits™ are the first snacks in a new range of natural, healthy and above all, tasty snacks for Forager Foods Pty. Ltd. We ‘Foragers’ live and work in the most beautiful place on Earth: Tasmania, Australia. Some of us are farmers, some of us are scientists, and all of us are parents. It was our frustration at the lack of really truly tasty, natural and healthy snacks available for on-the-go kids (and their mums) which made us develop these products. Hazel is our resident scientific expert, specialising in the flavour, colour and health benefits of fruit and vegetables ( It was Hazel’s idea to leave the apple peel on our Forager fruits™ because it’s packed full of flavour, fibre and antioxidants. The rest of the team did the hard work, selecting the very best Tasmanian-grown apples, washing, wedging, freezing and snap-drying them. This means that the flavour is beautifully preserved, they are full of goodness and perfectly crunchy. For some of our range, we dipped the apple wedges in Tasmanian-grown Raspberry or Blackcurrant fruit juice (for colour and extra zing!). Freeze drying preserves the harvest-fresh flavour and develops the crunch factor! We are very proud that we have made and packed Forager fruits™ ourselves, and we hope you enjoy them.
From the Foragers. 

Forager Fruits 100% Tasmanian Crunchy Dried Apple Wedges are just what they say:  100% apples, 100% from Tasmania, free from gluten, sulphur-free, added sugar, artificial/added colours or flavours, and free from water!  Simply full of taste and crunch. 

They are made from sweet, crunchy apples. We wash and wedge them, then dip some of them in either Raspberry or Blackcurrant juice from Westerway, Tasmania.  We freeze and freeze-dry them, then we put them in bags and send them to you!  The freeze-drying locks all the flavour, colour and antioxidants in the fruit, and it adds a wonderfully different crunch factor and texture. 

They really are like nothing you've ever tasted before. 

"Oh, that wasn't what I was expecting!" is the usual first reaction, followed closely by: "Yum!"  Nothing added, only water taken away.  You will love these healthy tasty fruit snacks.

Due to quarantine restrictions, any product supplied direct to WA will be supplied 'peel free'.  There will be a slight flavour difference but be assured, Forager Fruits will still taste fantastic!


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