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Del Basso Smallgoods

Manufacturers of Quality Smallgoods
Address4 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park, WA, 6071, Australia
Phone08 9444 0811
Fax08 9444 3258


About Us

Del Basso Smallgoods is a proudly Western Australia owned and operated smallgoods company that has been estblished since 1957.

The Managing Director, Renato Del Basso migrated to Western Australia in 1955 from his home town of Lucca in Italy, bringing with him all the expertise and qualifications necessary for the introduction and manufacture of many types of quality continental smallgoods .


Our company is well placed in the market on a national basis and we specialise in the manufacture of Italian, Continental and Colonial smallgoods.

Del Basso Smallgoods also are suppliers of an extensive range of fresh meats including prime cuts of Beef, Veal, Lamb and Pork.

We operate a fleet of five refrigerated vehicles and from our centrally located premises (five minute drive to the Perth city centre) which services the metropolitan area on a daily basis.

We have a quality system in place, fully documented and implemented to the HACCP and ISO 9002 standards. and are currently audited at regular intervals by 2nd and 3rd party auditors. To date we have achieved exceptionally good results in all areas.

Del Basso Smallgoods is committed to meeting its customers needs and expectations for quality, performance, safety and reliability.


Salami Products

  • Cacciatori (Hot & Mild), Calebrese Salami, Casalingo Salami, Danish Salami, Felino(Hot & Mild), Fiorentino Salami, Hungarian Salami (Hot & Mild), Milano Salami, Romano Salami, Soppressa Salami, Toscano Salami, Veneto Salami, Ventricina Salami, Chilli Coated Salami (Hot), Paprika Coated Salami (Mild)

Dried Fermented Full Muscle

  • Bresaola (Air Dried Beef), Coppa (Hot & Mild), Lombo, Pancetta (Flat), Pancetta (Rolled) Hot & Mild, Prosciutto Ham (Rolled or Pressed)

Bacon Products

  • Bacon Middles, Bacon Rashes Rind on or Rindless, Streaky Amerian Bacon, Bacon Bones, Bacon Shanks

Ham Products

  • Easy cut Leg Ham (Football Ham), Semi Boneless Leg Ham (Champagne), Golden Nugget Ham, Virginian Leg Ham, Shoulder Ham Round, Ham Steaks (Whole or Sliced), Shoulder 4 by 4 Ham, Sandwich 4 by 4 Ham, Ham Pieces (Diced)

Gourmet Products

  • Biroldo Sausage, Cabanos, Coteghino, Cooked Salami, German Cooked Salami, Ham Salami (Schinkenwurst), Liverwurst (Smoked), Krakawurst, Kassler, Meat Loaf, Mexican Meat Loaf, Mortadella (Regular-Olive-Chilli), Pastrami, Polony (Devon), Strastburg, Soppressata, (Italian Brawn), Roast Beef, Roast Pork (Porchetta), Silverside

Fresh Sausages

  • BBQ Sausages, Italian Sausagea, Gourmet Skinless , Sausages (Hot & Mild)


  • Chipolatas, Frankfurts & Cocktails, Vienna Sausages, Cheese Kransky, Blanched Sausages


Opening Hours

Monday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Public HolidaysClosed
All times are local to the business

Shipping & Payments

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The business accepts the following payment methods:
In Store (Cash)